Frequently Asked Questions


Ankle Sprains and Lateral Ankle Instability

What causes ankle sprains?

What is lateral ankle instability and chronic ankle sprain?

Can't my ankle heal on its own?

Are there any potential consequences to putting off or not getting surgery for my chronic ankle sprains?

Treatment Options

Do all lateral ankle instability and chronic ankle sprain cases require surgery?

Can physical therapy heal my ankle sprain?

How are ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability diagnosed by a doctor?

The InternalBrace Procedure

Why should I consider the InternalBrace procedure?

Is anyone a candidate for the InternalBrace procedure?

What materials are used in the InternalBrace procedure? Do they ever have to be removed?

Is the InternalBrace procedure outpatient?

Will getting the InternalBrace procedure affect my mobility?

Will insurance cover my InternalBrace procedure?

Can patients who have had a failed prior ankle surgery get the InternalBrace procedure?

What will my scar look like after this procedure?

Recovery From the InternalBrace procedure

How long does it take to recover from the InternalBrace procedure?

WilI I be able to get back to my active lifestyle?

When can I get back to my normal life, including work and activities?

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