InternalBrace Ligament Augmentation Procedure

If you have chronic ankle pain and instability that has not been relieved with conservative treatments, you may need surgery to repair the ligaments that have been stretched and torn by repeated ankle sprains. The InternalBrace is an innovative procedure designed to help speed up the recovery process and allow immediate range of motion. Early post-surgery movement promotes healthy ligament healing that leads to a stronger, more stable ankle,11 so that you can get back to doing the things you love faster.

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InternalBrace Repair: A Seat Belt for the Ankle

Similar to how a seat belt acts in a car accident, surgical repair with InternalBrace ligament augmentation supports the primary repair and secures your ligaments to the bone during the healing phase, which may reduce your chances of experiencing another sprain.6,7

How the InternalBrace Repair Works

The goal of surgery is to restore strength and stability to the ankle by repairing the injured ligament. InternalBrace repair augments the primary surgical repair using special anchors to provide additional points of fixation that hold the ligament to your ankle bone while you heal. The ligament is compressed against the bone using FiberTape® suture, which is composed of ultra–high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a strong, stress-resistant material with Kevlar®-like properties12 that has been used safely and effectively in millions of patients.13

Chronic Ankle Instability Patients Recover Faster With the InternalBrace Procedure

The InternalBrace procedure accelerates recovery and rehabilitation6,8 to get patients back to their activities faster.

Postoperative management is patient-specific and dependent on the treating professional's assessment. Individual results will vary and not all patients will experience the same postoperative activity level or outcomes.

In laboratory studies, ankle ligaments repaired with InternalBrace augmentation were three times stronger than those repaired with standard Brostrom surgery alone.7,15 Stronger ligament repairs can support an earlier return to activity.8

If you've already had surgery on your ankle with unsatisfactory results...

You are not alone. More than 40% of patients who underwent traditional (Brostrom) surgery stepped down or abandoned athletic activities altogether!14 InternalBrace augmentation of a previous ankle ligament repair is a simple revision procedure that uses the patient's own tissue and does not require reconstruction with donor tissue. Look for an InternalBrace foot and ankle specialist to help get you back to where you started and protect your ankle from future sprains.6

See How the InternalBrace Procedure Is Performed

  1. Surgery requires only a small incision on the outside of your ankle

  2. Suture anchors repair the torn ankle ligament

  3. InternalBrace system secures the repair

  4. Performed on an outpatient basis in less than an hour

What might my incision look like after surgery?

Watch the video to see the potential postoperative appearance. Postoperative appearance is patient-specific and dependent on the surgical procedure. Individual results will vary based on age, skin color, health conditions, and the wound closure technique performed by your surgeon.

Patient Stories

Leah's Story

Athletic trainer and former gymnast who underwent two ankle reconstructions with poor results prior to InternalBrace augmentation.

Caitlin's Story

Former soccer player and outdoor/running enthusiast who underwent two ankle surgeries before her InternalBrace augmentation.

Mike's Story

Firefighter who suffered a complete tear of his lateral ankle ligament when he stepped down from the truck onto a curb and rolled his ankle.

Estee's Story

Avid runner and skier who, after coping with ankle instability since high school, is back to having fun with her family after her InternalBrace augmentation.

Bethany's Story

Ultrarunner and mountain biker who experienced multiple ankle sprains before securing her repair with the InternalBrace procedure and getting back on the trails.

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